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Completing Your Ph.D. Workshop Review

In this article, Ph.D. student in Theology and Religion, Dan York, reviews his recent experiences of the Researcher Development Workshop – Completing Your Ph.D.

“I highly recommend the “Completing your Doctorate Online Workshop” with Prof. Simon Rees. Simon provided a very helpful, clear, and encouraging atmosphere to discuss the process of a PhD. The workshop lasted about 1.5 hours as Simon led the discussion with a clearly developed PowerPoint over Zoom. Visual, aural, written, and discussion-driven approaches were integrated to provide an accessible format. The Zoom format was particularly helpful, convenient, and time efficient.

As a Theology and Religion PhD student, it was encouraging to see how diverse and international the field of PhD candidates was from all the various departments represented in our university. Simon fielded multiple questions and responded with insight, kindness, and clarity. The plethora of students present also reinforced a sense of camaraderie, that PhD students aren’t alone as they so often feel in the various discouragements, difficulties, and processes of a doctorate.

Topics such as thesis elevator pitches, expectations from supervisors, thesis plans, thesis submission, and a host of other things were discussed. Helpful resources and advice were also provided via URL links that came with the PowerPoint PDF.

My only regret about the workshop is that I didn’t take it sooner. Being in the last stages of my thesis, I’ve hopped through many of the hoops discussed already. So, the workshop in some ways simply reinforced for me that I was doing things (mostly) ‘right’. If you’re at an earlier stage of the PhD process, this workshop will be especially helpful for you. But if you’re further along, this workshop will still help you by way of reinforcement, encouragement, and even teach you some new tricks to finish things out strongly.”